Sunday, September 4, 2011

thank you, thursday night! (and kassie!)

not sure how i got so lucky, but on thursday night, i was invited over to kassie's where me and CL got to enjoy a raw meal she made!
it's super exciting to have a new "raw" friend with so much to discuss AND she lives super close! YAY!
also, we have the same 'cook'book (ani's raw food essentials) so i basically got to sample a whole bunch of recipes in one night! thanks, kassie!
 this is the "chinese chickenless salad" (page 161). love it! i got to take some home with me ^_^ and it was just as great the next day for lunch!
 ooh and then pizza! YAH! using the oregano pizza crust (page 214 - celery and flax? loved the texture) and cherry tomato marinara (page 240) and fresh basil leaves (my favourite!) and tomato slices and i think it was the basic cheeze (page 103) recipe on top - made of cashews maybe? i don't know if i have ever made my own raw pizza and i have to get on this! so fun!
 and we all were so full but look at these! desserts from organic lives! how could one resist? the strawberry cheezecake, chocolate ganache (aka the ridiculous) and the coconut cream pie (aka the OMG).
thanks again for a wonderful night! 
(i hope to make a cheezecake tomorrow that i can share with her! ^_^)

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