Monday, September 5, 2011

lemon poppyseed cake!

it appears i never posted about this! back in june!!! this (though i'm curious about this as well!) was the first cake i ever made, from sweet gratitude, page 54, after alexia recommended it to me.

it took me FOREVER since i didn't really prepare in advance with ingredients so i spent most of my saturday making almond milk! what a process!
...and mashing medjools into a date paste. gah. i've since started getting hunza dates from organic lives as they are pitted already and i just chop them finely until they become more of a paste.
 ha. look at all this almond milk i ended up with! i needed 8 cups of almond flour for the recipe but only 1.5 cups of milk. i was giving this milk away as i didn't want to waste any! i now know to make almond milk (and flour) in advance so i can freeze the flour and drink the milk as i would normally. sigh.
 now after painstakingly trying to mix the almond flour with the dates with no mixer or large processor (the vitamix was no good at mixing the 'dough')...  the lemon frosting... yum! the vitamix is an icing's dream!
 first layer of the cake... frosting needed to set before i could put on the top layer!
 and it's done! i need to start doing more cakes so i have more practice at icing! yikes! (see the heart i made out of desperation?)
 that looks like 'real' frosting, does it not?
 and now the most important part... testing it!!!
 i couldn't get over the cakey texture...
 and oh, how it quickly disappeared! it had most excellent reviews, just sayin ^_^ well worth the effort!

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