Monday, September 5, 2011

mint-chip cheesecake!

so today i made the mint-chip cheesecake out of sweet gratitude, page 100. think mint cacao chip ice cream by cashew creamery as a cheesecake!

 i prepared last night by soaking the cashews and making the almond/cacao/coconut crust so this morning was easy!
ew, the mint and cashews don't look so pretty in the blender.... yet...
there's the crust! YAH!

 ooh and the warm from blending (oops) mint cheesecake! 
 and the chocolate blend for the swirl... my first attempt at a swirl!
 so fun!!!
 probably still could've saved less of the cake mix (and i saved less than the recipe asked to!) for the chocolate swirl but oh well! last time i saved the 2 cups the recipe asked for and it was way too much!
 now here is the best part... after having it in the freezer a few hours, i pat cacao nibs on the sides and top and add some mint leaves and it looks like a real dessert, doesn't it?
just in case you didn't see the first photo... ^_^ 
 oh, you want a view as if you're me, looking down on the cake, ready to cut it?
and here we go! 
 it gets soft so fast! i like it right out of the freezer! ah, and a note for next time with the swirling... i will pour heavier right away so that some of the swirl goes deeper into the cake! 
mmmm... cheesecakes are getting so easy to make! i'm so excited! 


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. ... and I was just near your house, too! And to think, your masterpiece was IN the building!!!!

  2. ah, had i known, i would've had you over! well i do have lots in the freezer... for now! ^_^

  3. This looks so yummy i want to make this! Definitely something i'll try to make :D

  4. you definitely should! do you have the sweet gratitude book? ^_^