Saturday, July 9, 2011

raw banana pancakes!

the other night, i made some brazil nut-banana pancake batter to dehydrate to be ready for morning breakfast. (p73 ani's raw food essentials). i put them in around 12:30am and had got up at 6:30 and flipped them and removed the teflex and we probably sat down to have them around 11?
blended blueberries and raspberries with a date and some filtered water to make a syrup and served up with coconut oil, nectarines and plums!

verdict? maple syrup would be fun for next time. i was stubborn because i made the fruit syrup. and 7 hours dehydrating would probably be enough. after what, 10 hours, they were kind of leathery. it'd be fun to have a softer, more doughy pancake. 

next time!

still fun to do a brunch-type thing.

p.s. organic lives added a ravioli to their menu today and i can't wait to try it! (i was debating bringing it home today but i think i want to wait for a time i can sit in there for dinner or something)

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