Tuesday, July 5, 2011

if i could eat this in a restaurant, i'd be most pleased!

so this was lunch yesterday! another ani phyo delight, from p145 of ani's raw food essentials: tomato chili with taco nut meat (bean-free). i only had 1 tomato so i don't imagine i had quite the 3 cups asked for and i didn't use corn but... success! i used less chili powder than asked for since i had stuff from organic lives and wow, i still felt a punch in the head from the chili! it's powerful!
for the taco nut meat (p146), i used brazil nuts instead of walnuts and it was DELICIOUS.
i served the chili on top of some romaine and put half an avocado on each of our plates to calm the chili a bit.
 and yah, this couldn't be better if someone else made it! the PERFECT meal!!!
 and well, a couple hours later, i couldn't resist trying to make a cashew cream with lemon and vanilla to spoon over strawberries with cacao nibs!

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