Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lunch outside!

why people hide from the sun and soak chemicals into their body to 'protect' themselves from the sun and then have to take vitamin D supplements is beyond me!

is it not that more refreshing if you step outside your place of work for your break? i LOVE taking my lunch outside when i can! fresh air and vitamin D!!!

today, i tried ani phyo's carrot angel hair with sun-dried tomatoes in cheddar cheeze sauce (p233 of ani's raw food essentials). i got tired of spiralizing carrots after 3 so i did one zucchini which quickly topped up my need for noodles. for the topping, i processed some cashews and pumpkin seeds with garlic and salt. i added nutritional yeast and some red pepper to ani's recipe for the cheddar cheeze sauce on p105. and then served the noodles with the topping (including chopped sun-dried toms) atop arugula. YES!!!

and add this to eating outside? best lunch.
though wait until you see what i made yesterday!

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