Sunday, September 8, 2013

whoa, where is the time going? (plus... a green smoothie)

so, i have many unfinished posts on this thing. what is my excuse? i just had a mostly slower pace for a couple months! now as fall gets ready to start, i am de-cluttering and getting things back in gear. but back to excuses.... i'm going to blame my lack of blogging on baby brain! paul and i are expecting "the little" in december! i'm happy to say that so far pregnancy has been glorious and i have escaped first trimester with minor nausea (that was eliminated with eating) and extreme exhaustion that had me basically comatose after work or napping on the couch so that i would have the energy to go brush my teeth before bed!
second trimester has felt a lot more energetic and i'm hoping this keeps up as i'm heading into my final trimester.
i'm getting myself ready for the unwanted advice and touching that seems inevitable but i feel lucky to have only had one comment of concern about my vegan lifestyle (ie "did you hear about the vegan couple whose baby died?") and i feel really great about my diet and exercise right now! i haven't had any strange cravings. i guess the most surprising to me is that i don't want to eat coconut milk ice cream and raw chocolate as much as i usually do! and i haven't had the same urgency to go to starbucks for my unsweetened soy green tea latte as i have in busy work months. veggie brown rice sushi has been my meal of choice when i'm hungry but can't think of anything i want and in general, i'm really enjoying hunting down new vegetables and fruits to try at the farmers market and eating different grains and beans and legumes. ethiopian food has come up as a dinner craving a couple times though i don't feel like that's specific to pregnancy!
i'm taking vegan prenatal vitamins and while i was taking separate folic acid tablets, i (coincidentally?) did not feel like making my morning green smoothie! too much green leafies?
anyways, i'm finished the bottle and i feel like the folic acid in my prenatal and my food is more than sufficient and i've regained my green smoothie tendencies! hurrah! i'm taking daily iron (spatone liquid iron is my fave) and generally that is just with orange juice or a ginger/orange/frozen banana smoothie but sometimes it ends up in a green smoothie.
i made a green smoothie tonight to get some drinks in the freezer for some mid-morning energy boosts in the next couple work days and it was a nice one so i figured i should post it!
 photo IMG_9324_zps0b51ae0c.png
-about 1.5 cups filtered water
-one nub of ginger
-the tops of about 4 purple carrots
-a few sprigs of parsley
-about half or more of the tops of a bunch of radishes
-one peach
-one pear
-about 1 cup of orange juice

i got everything from the farmers market except the ginger and orange juice. maybe that's why it was so especially delicious!
anyways! i'm so excited to meet the little! but also really enjoying this time that she's been hanging out inside me. i can feel her moving around now and it's fun to feel her movements especially when me or paul are talking. i haven't had any food aversions so far and figure this means she is going to be super happy and excited to eat fruits and veggies like us! (and green smoothies, of course!)
hope your september is off to a great start and you are still enjoying farmers market goodies! i'm relieved to know ours goes into october as i was worried this was the last month!


  1. People are so rude unintentionally here. I got my nails done at a new salon yesterday and I was the only customer. The women there were asking me the standard, boring questions (can you use chopsticks / do you like Japanese food / are you homesick) and when I told them I don't usually eat in restaurants but make Japanese food that I can eat at home, they started laughing at first and then realized I was serious and I got all the mock-concern. Then, as though I weren't there, they started talking about how unhealthy a person who doesn't eat animal products must be. And how boring to only eat raw salad every day. It's hard not to think people are either stupid or completely unimaginative when they start with that. The next thing is a comment about, "oh, that's why you're slim" which I think it equally stupid because vegans and vegetarians are just as likely to get fat on cake and rice and bread, etc as non-vegetarians. It's all portion size and exercise, and I work hard to stay fit. Sorry for the rant! I am psyching myself up to ignore all irritating comments and unsolicited advice I'll surely get if I become pregnant. I have to keep remembering that those comments could happen in any country, even my own.

    I can't wait to see your baby! Thanks for always reading my blog. I love this one, and hope to make the veggie burgers you recently posted about. Black beans! Yum.

    1. ahhh totally understand!!! just this past weekend, i was asked if i was still vegan and did i know that vegans generally have a harder time breast-feeding? where do people get these "stats" and why do they think it would be helpful to share?
      i remember once in korea, i was told i was the "biggest vegetarian" the girl had ever seen. still not sure what that was supposed to mean!
      there are unhealthy people everywhere and it's not simply because they choose to eat animals or not. i do think as people get into the whole veg thing, they want to eat less processed and more fresh and organic foods which i can't help but think is healthier, but who knows.
      anyways! i love your blog! i learn so much! ^_^
      and i can't wait to meet the little and share photos of her! hehe.