Monday, April 25, 2011

toronto! to raw in tow?

last weekend my friend alison shields had her grad art show in toronto and i feel so lucky i was able to come out for the opening. i'm so excited for her finding her 'thing' if that makes sense? at first i wasn't really in the mood for travelling, strangely enough, but it didn't take long after getting off the plane to be excited to eat at live again and well, to see some great people again!
over the just under 3 days i was there, i went to live 3 times! hehe. so i'll start with that. definitely my favourite raw place. they have cooked things too but it's all vegan. and i love getting recommendations to go there from people who eat meat! it's always amazing! i have not ordered ANYTHING there that has been a letdown and that's pretty impressive!
i'm currently debating buying live's recipe ebooks... i can only imagine some amazing meals in the future if i had such inspiration... hmm....
on friday, i went for a late lunch/early dinner and couldn't decide so i went for the raw combo which included some pizza, falafel, spring rolls and beet ravioli! there was also a salad! this was probably the first time i did not finish everything on my plate and someone else's at a raw restaurant :) i can't even name my favourite dish on the plate! all incredible. ooh and i had a blueberry kombucha which reminds me that i started making my own kombucha just before i went and it was ready when i got home! my first batch ever! eek!
anyways, the next night, i came for dessert and we picked the black forest cake, almond butter cup and the raspberry strudel? (i can't remember what it was called) but again! nothing was a miss! wow. i don't know how this place does it!
and then, on my last day, i came for brunch and had the raw huevos! SOOOO incredible!!! i don't know what the thick cracker-like thing was that everything was piled on but it was super hard to cut into but seemed like too big of a mess to pick up... but no matter, it was delicious!!!
 that last day started with a rushed brunch (i had to get to lunch at live right afterwards!) at starving artist. i had a fruit bowl (amazing berries and such! i hate canteloupe/honeydew plus one grape fruit bowls!) and 2 mini vegan, gluten-free waffles with fruit!
oh and i musn't forget the awesome place i went to on the saturday: mylk uncookies in cabbagetown. their thing is "something for everyone". i had raw treats (of course) - the lucuma one was my favourite- but the cookies looked amazing - like pillows of chewiness! wish i had taken a photo! they have gluten-free and vegan things and of course, gluten-free, vegan, raw things! i had a couple tea lattes with house-made almond milk! they didn't have raw uncheesecakes that day but i hope to someday be back and try them!
oh and wouldn't you know but the owners are originally from vancouver and used to shop regularly at the kitchen shop i worked at for a number of years! i love how small the world is sometimes! :)

i didn't get to rawlicious which i went to last time i was in toronto and i still haven't tried cruda cafe but i'll just have to next time!

anyways... i had a wonderful weekend in toronto... got to meet up with a lot of amazing people and eat amazing things and i managed to bring a few things back from panacea too, including kale chips from live and a raw chocolate easter bunny lollipop from live on chocolate! YES!


  1. this made me so happy and homesick at the same time!! i'm so glad that at least someone i know is able to eat at these amazing places. i also just read about mylk cookies on blogto

  2. oh yes! i saw that post when i was looking the place up! :)
    there will be places like this in korea soon enough! there have to be!!!