Monday, April 25, 2011

hooray vancouver!

ok so maybe not so much "raw" news as vegan news on a rainy monday in vancouver... easter day-off monday... but yah...

so first, i was super excited to finally check out the completely vegan shoe store that just opened up on fraser between 19th and 20th, nice shoes! i had an ethical deal coupon (um, could i get any luckier?) for a pair of colourful grass (notice the 'u' in colourful? oh yeah, canadian! vancouver island even!) flats in vandana rose. any chance the name is inspired by vandana shiva, who i just recently saw in the inspiring good food, bad food or first heard of when i picked up manifestos on the future of food and seed? or am i just a food nerd?
 and well, how could i resist a pair of hopeful-for-summer-soon flats that bear my name!? and the brand name novacas means "no cow" in spanish and portuguese! love it! and these sandals are so comfy and i love that they snap open and shut and they are slouchy. and they are BUILT BY KINDNESS. how glorious is that?
oh and to bring this back to the raw... nice shoes is also carrying hurraw! lip balm which is "all natural, organic, vegan, raw, good" (hehe) lip balm! i got grapefruit and i LOVE how smooth this stuff is. like coconut oil but absorbs in more of a strong glide if that makes sense. when i have dry lips, i feel coconut oil is too thin to convince me it's working? i don't know. i haven't bought anything skin-related in so long but that was a super fun purchase. plus i love that the container is like a flattened version of the typically cylinder wind-up.

oh and talking with joanne at the store, she showed me this video of a 109 year old man who has been eating raw forever and he is just incredible! look at his skin! he's going to open a restaurant? his life has just begun! i love how he says "you've heard people say you are what you eat? well, you are!"

on my way home, i stopped in at gorilla food for a goji almond crunch cookie and i couldn't believe it! they now have a debit machine! apparently they've had it for 2 weeks? but i swear it wasn't there on friday or wednesday when i was last there :) hehe. but no matter! i'm just so excited that i don't have to wait until i have some cash on me to stop in! YAY!!!  i have to mention though, that when i was there on wednesday with 2 friends who didn't have cash, i had $40 for dinner for all of us and it was a success! we shared desserts, a smoothie and 3 menu items! who says raw, vegan, organic food is expensive?


  1. here i am, commenting!! these shoes look wonderful. i read a bunch of your latest posts when i saw mipa got those lovely marshmallows etc from you. so cute! you're doing amazing stuff lady.

  2. awww thanks so much!!!
    ooh i will have to check out mipa's posts! excitement!!!