Monday, October 25, 2010

cascadas farallas, costa rica, day 8

i remember asking the night before if i could have the chia cereal again. and the next breakfast, there it was! i really gotta try and replicate this coconut banana creamy goodness. cinnamon and blueberries also make it so amazing! even after eating chia cereal for at least 3 weeks of breakfasts in korea ^_^

lunch on the beach! salad with a sesame papaya (?) dressing. yummy!

cauliflower soup with cracker to start off dinner right....

eggplant canneloni with a walnut hemp portobello pate. YES.

turkish delight for dessert that really didn't resemble turkish delight at all but no bigs. definitely better than the durian creme but not as great as the sorbet or chocolates! this had apricot, sesame, coconut and cacao...

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