Sunday, November 3, 2013

inspiring dinners! (an excuse for delicious food photos!)

paul's been surprising me with lunches and dinners more often lately and it's been super awesome to get to eat together and also try new things!
the other night, i was craving baked potato styles and we had some sweet potatoes so he steamed them and mashed them and topped them with an avocado/cashew sour cream and coconut bacon and a mary's crackers chipotle tomato pretzel stick! (don't they look like savoury cupcakes?) nutritional yeast (obviously) and steamed veg on the side. YUM!
 photo IMG_8910_zps556253d6.jpg
and a craving for poutine turned into... (his super yum mushroom gravy with steamed potatoes, green onion, daiya, and peas!)
 photo -3_zps1fb5eecd.png
and farmers market-inspired dishes like multi-coloured carrots and beets, zucchini, broccoli (all steamed) with mashed potatoes!
 photo -4_zps902079f7.png
 and more farmers market-inspired eats (with more mushroom gravy!) swoon!
  photo -8_zpsfd5e7c7c.png
and, well, who can resist a great potluck/dinner party?
this is my plate from janna and phil's bbq in the summer... some whole foods deli salads and homemade slaw and quinoa salad!
 photo -1_zps460a3091.jpg 
 and from a dinner with hayz and hanh - veg burger and raw chili and salad!
   photo -3_zpsf70357ed.jpg

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