Tuesday, January 1, 2013

smoothies of the day.

i started this post almost 2 months ago which is really frightening! i gave up because i have run out of space on this account for photos as i guess i was using photos that were too large and now i don't know how to go back and make 'em smaller. and i can't blog without photos! so now i'm fiddling with hosting photos elsewhere to use for this thing. and i realize the photos i had for this post aren't amazing anyways. but it's all practice and learning, right?

so, first i had a pic from a morning when i was cutting it real close to missing my bus and took my green smoothie to go. and goodness, was it delicious! it was like a green custard. no wonder my day was so wonderful!
it contained about 1/2 cup filtered water, 1 frozen persimmon, 2 bosc pears, a handful of radish greens, a handful of cilantro and about 5 dandelion greens. need-a-spoon-thick with a mild sweet like vanilla taste!  happiness!

and that night, my dessert was a blended avocado with just under a cup of filtered water and a healthy heap of raspberries. subtly sweet and oh-so-thick-and-creamy. raspberryavocado_zpsc56ff54b-1_zps5806da9f-1_zps16068880 anyways... here's my excuse to post again! happy new year! may this year be full of health and happiness and inspiration and incredible food! ^_^


  1. Hey Natalie. It is Victoria from My Non Leather Life again hehe. Just wanted to tell you, I have now read all of Victoria Boutenko's books, which you originally told me about. Oh WOW are they interesting. I am now aware of why raw foods are healthier...FASCINATING! I also love Victoria boutenko's writing style...what a character! Also I am now vegan...and have been for like 2 months. Thanks for starting me off on this journey. If it wasn't for you and your blog, I might never have stumbled upon what seems like something truly life changing and so important for health...the most precious thing we have. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. wow, victoria! thank you so much! i'm bursting with excitement that i have inspired your research into raw foods and smoothies and that you are pursuing your interest further! i'm excited to learn what you pick up along the way ^_^