Tuesday, October 2, 2012

thank you, my non leather life!

a few days back, victoria from my non leather life emailed to ask me some questions! i love checking her blog for inspiring words (as was especially the case the other day when she mentioned a william carlos williams poem) and inspiring shoes!

i am so excited that my recorded discoveries have inspired her to incorporate more raw foods in her life!

check out the interview here!

and for some fall inspiration, this photo... representing: one of paul's favourite snacks (raw almond butter and raisins on celery, aka "ants on a log"); some of the lovely treats anne, sheilagh, and i enjoyed ON THE BEACH the other day for 3 hours in the SEPTEMBER sun celebrating anne's birthday ^_^; and... my shoes today! ha. i add shoes to this pic because of my non-leather life! i've lived a non-leather (and silk, wool, etc.) life for at least a few years now and it feels great. it definitely helps me be a more conscious consumer and i wait longer to make clothing purchases as i look carefully at the materials assembled for my goods and when i can, i support vegan companies! (or, i clothing swap/consign/buy vintage!) these shoes are by novacas, which means "no cow" in portuguese. i got them at nice shoes! hurrah!

every day, i like to think of what i'm grateful for. and today i'm grateful for having full-time work, a cozy apartment, a most amazing and inspiring boyfriend, access to organic food (and local crops!), and people all around to inspire me and be inspired by me! hurrah for connecting with like-minded lovelies across the world! ^_^


  1. Hey Natalie! I had to write to you yet again...because I am almost done with Victoria Boutenko's book Green for Life. It is SO interesting. I am so glad you pointed me to it. I have had green smoothies two days in a row now since i started reading the book yesterday and today I made one for my dad (who I work for) who has been experiencing health problems. I really hope this could improve his health--as Victoria (boutenko) has convinced me there is reason to hope. It is incredible to think how lacking in greens compared to the amount you can fit in a smoothie--my diet was/ is. I can't wait to keep drinking smoothies--they are great! Just wanted to update you. Hurrah indeed!! : ))

  2. yay!!! that is wonderful news, victoria!!! ^_^ i hope you and your dad will feel the difference!!!