Friday, August 17, 2012

green smoothie party!

tonight was the perfect mellow friday night with my lovely lady friends and green smoothies!
these ones are: 2.5 cups filtered water, half a bunch of kale, some cilantro and parsley, 2 peaches and 1 apple and a couple dates because we were date crazy! DELICIOUS!!!
this is my IDEAL friday night. someday there's gotta be a dance club open that only serves coconut water and wheatgrass shots and green smoothies to fuel the moves! the waldorf is getting there for sure with vanessa's elixir bar downstairs and the coconuts in the tiki bar but still...


  1. Nice nice!! We look gaga to get our hands on those greens!!! Glad i got a taste of that concoction!! Ohh & the dates sensational!!! Super stoked on inspiration to 30 days of smoothies my life up!! I also would love to see that day where coconut water and e3live shots fuel the crowd! Until then we create more nights like these! Mmm thanks again!

    1. yay!!! ^_^
      ps i got all inspired with my sprouted almonds to toss them in a OL-ish teriyaki type sauce. they're in the dehydrator right now! i haven't used that thing for so long! hoping inspiration will hit soon for lisa's b-day dinner <3