Monday, July 23, 2012

dorm life smoothies.

so i've just returned home after almost 3 weeks living in a dorm in quebec city on my quest to learn french.

i brought paul's magic bullet with me which was WONDERFUL for morning smoothies. it even blended better than i remembered it blending before (i thought i had to cut up everything for it to do anything but i managed not having to pre-cut much at all! yay!).

ha, my first smoothie in quebec city. i forgot to take a picture before drinking it!
romaine lettuce, apple, water and ground chia.

before i realized i didn't have to chop up my frozen banana.
just adding extra work for myself, is all!
(i brought this thin plastic chop board too and a knife
 to make sure i wouldn't be without smoothies this trip!)

i found a frozen "melange aux fruits biologique" at the nearby epicerie.
so this smoothie is frozen banana with frozen black cherry, blueberry and blackberry! 

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