Sunday, December 4, 2011

why is the majority of industry in the wrong industry?

last night, i finally watched food inc. which isn't anything shocking to someone who reads michael pollan and had to recently cut herself off from food/environment/health documentaries as they were getting to be too doom and gloom!

but anyways...

combine thoughts from the movie and my friend mentioning today that oil of oregano will be pulled from shelves within the next 2 months (it's already started in alberta and apparently in ontario!) and i am having a hard time not getting back into a 'it's hopeless!!!' state again.

okay so oil of oregano 'works too well' - why can't BIG PHARMA switch gears (and products, ahem) and start mass producing things that work!?

ah, and why can't amazing foods (and superfoods!) be advertised with the amazing things they do? why can bogus, novelty "food" like cheerios ramble on about benefits of whole grain in your diet while raw chocolate zimt can't make any claims about raw cacao or the FDA will be after it?

what's so bad with having a healthy population?

oh, right. the traditional doctors.

why not pay them to keep us healthy and stop paying when you are not? they could potentially get paid non-stop! that's a medical plan that makes sense to me!!! keep these people accountable rather than just getting rid of one symptom only to gain a million others.

oh but a healthy population isn't something we need right now. not with a world bursting with almost 7 billion people?

let's pull a china with a 1 kid per family rule or try to encourage people (of our currently poor and frustrated generation) to not have kids?

i like to remind myself that the world can heal itself. more and more people are becoming interested in eating better, becoming concerned with gmo's and conventionally grown (ie non-organic) food.

we can eat more organic, compost it, barter for more... basically, i see our success dependent on returning to some old skool ways. it's funny to me to consider progress as going back to the basics. our brains are so focussed on the crazy advances to technology, we are forgetting our basic needs.

food. real food. water. unpolluted water. air. fresh air. love. attention and connection with real people in real time in the real world.

hope you are well. <3

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