Monday, November 28, 2011

crackers and ice kream!

um, so i haven't been incredibly creative lately. salad lunches (though i am LOVING my lazy dressing of sprouted chickpea miso, dijon, ground flax, apple cider vinegar and olive oil) but yesterday i decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH and played with some things. including the dehydrator which i haven't touched since i dehydrated some persimmon slices the other week (swoon!).

yesterday i wanted to try out the new yacon syrup i bought. i thought SMOOTHIE but had hmm, hemp milk and ice. the iced coffee texture wasn't exactly what i was craving, so i started adding some avocado and lucuma and then i decided to freeze it to be more like an ice cream. it was a subtle sweet and super creamy but it froze a bit more flakey-icey than i hoped. but having avocado in it meant paul was weirded out enough not to want any. which meant more for me but also makes me wonder if i have strange bachelor-style eating habits?

 i had been soaking flax seeds and pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds so i finally made some crackers! the bottom ones are the mix of seeds with 1/2 an orange, some slivers of red onion and 2 medjools. the top crackers are just a mix of the soaked flax seeds (whole and ground) with some braggs - salty crunchiness!
hooray for using the dehydrator again!

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