Wednesday, June 15, 2011

full + grate-ful (for) buddha-full...

12 hour days of work are no fun, especially when you get to the seabus to get home and have to wait half an hour until the next one.
then you rush back to your favourite place for food and they are closed!
but then one of the lovely owners is outside and invites you in...
then you have food to bring home for your favourite person and you to enjoy!
and the night is saved!

 thank you, buddha-full! always a delight!

oh and today, look what i took home from one of my 6 year old students! little rocks in the vase with these beautiful flowers from her garden! managed to not spill anything on the bus despite an hour of balancing with an over-capacity bus of canucks fans.

sadly, we did not win the stanley cup this year.
but is it bad that i don't care?
it's weird but i think i have finally figured out why i don't "get" hockey or watching sports in general. i think it's that i don't feel i get ANYTHING out of watching it. most or everything i do inspires me in some way and i feel i'm learning or want to create or do something after.... i've watched one hockey game and it didn't motivate me to do anything. 
so... no hockey for me.
but! raw food for me! on friday it looks like i'm going to lead a kindergarten class in creating a raw food dish. i'm thinking zucchini noodles with marinara sauce as i'm sure they will love the spirooli :)
photos of the process to come :)

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