Sunday, November 7, 2010

curry acorn squash bread!

since getting a dehydrator end of september, i've started experimenting making raw "bread". my first bread was garlic, flax, almond and oil and it was so soft, it was hard to keep it in one piece so you really couldn't put anything on it (which is what i wanted!). paul liked it though.
for my second one, i added chia goodness as there's sprouted buckwheat and such in there that i expected to add a nice heartiness. and it was definitely hearty... really nuts and seedsy. i liked it as i could stack stuff on it. paul didn't.
well, here's the latest... a curried acorn squash bread.
one slice is missing of the 4 slices i made as i had to test it, you know? ^_^ i smeared some coconut oil on there and it was perfection! so... to make it... of course i'm not measuring which maybe i should be if i'm posting recipes but i'll do my best:
approx. 1/4 cup ground flax seed, soaked overnight in about twice the water as flax
approx. 1/8 cup (or maybe 1/16) ground almond
about 1/2 acorn squash, cubed then processed in food processor
1 tablespoon or 2 of a curry blend of spices (including turmeric, cardamon, ginger, chili, pepper, fenugreek, clove, garlic, mustard, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt, coriander)

i spread it onto the teflex with a spatula and made it square and scored the square into 4 squares and then dehydrated for about 7 hours at 105 degrees, then i flipped it onto the mat (sans teflex) so the other side could get air and that was on for probably about 7 hours too.

i love it but the true test will be paul tonight ^_^

this is the 2nd "bread" i had made that i enjoyed the texture of but wished i had added some spices to it. though i suppose the toppings could make it fine but i don't know, tons of flavour is fun!

a few weeks ago when i had kale chips and crackers and strange yam chips (i really have to use the peeler to make them thin and proper rather than an odd slice of chewy crunchiness) and banana cacao strips...

and a few weeks ago when i had crackers made and a "cheesy" type thing made with macadamia nuts that i wasn't sure what to do with so i put it on top of salad. this meal was AWESOME and it took maybe 5 minutes to put together!

last weekend or the weekend before, i took over a snack package to paul of a banana cranberry flax crepe type roll, apple chips, cacao almond coconut macaroon, strawberry chips, kale chips, sprouted teriyaki sunflower seeds, red onion flax crackers and my 2 kinds of breads! i gotta get in the habit of making so many things at once so i can do this more! it was so fun putting together all these treats for him!


  1. Hello. Could you please tell me where you got your dehydrator? Where do you get your raw ingredients? Thank you!

  2. where do you live?
    i live in vancouver (canada). i got my (excalibur) dehydrator from organic lives. i got the 9 tray one but i believe there is a 6 tray one too. i saw an even smaller one in seattle when i was last there, at thrive.
    i get a lot of my raw ingredients at organic lives as they are organic and they have raw nuts and seeds in the cooler (which you never see anywhere which doesn't make sense!) and they also are way cheaper than i have seen anywhere online!

  3. Thanks for your reply. I live in Korea right now, but I'm from Toronto!

  4. ah! did you ever go to live (in toronto)? so great!!!
    how long have you been in korea?

  5. Yeah, Toronto's a really great city to live in. I really miss it! I've been in Korea for about a year now.

  6. ah, how long do you think you'll stay in korea? i feel like raw and organic vegan foods are so close to appearing in seoul!!!

  7. Not sure, but I've decided to stay here for one more year. =O)

  8. this isn't my dear victoria by chance, is it? ^_^

  9. Sorry, I'm not Victoria.

  10. i suppose it would be quite the coincidence ^_^
    p.s. my profile photo is from live (in toronto). loved that place so much!